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Summer Solstice Sunset

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Today, a very quick post.

Just a picture, a short video, and a few words.

Tonight, it may be the first night I get to see the Summer solstice sunset since I’ve moved to Japan almost 10 years ago.

See, usually, we’re in the middle of the rainy season. We’re not this year. This is not really good news. The rainy season came in May. It returned a little bit last week. Now, it seems gone again. This is not normal. You may have heard that the world climate is all messed up. Well, this is just another example.

However, let’s find some positives in all of this when we can. Tonight we can, because people here in Western Japan got to see the sunset on June 21st. And these days, any little positive thing is worth taking. So, let’s enjoy it!


Summer solstice sunset Seto Inland Sea Japan




Oh, and if you’re in a playful mood, know that I have posted 11 different pictures of this sunset on various blogs and social media accounts that I manage. Can you find them all? 😉


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