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How my photo on Twitter inspired a work of art

Big Kamo
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It all started with one of my ‘good morning’ tweets.

I was living on the tiny island of Ogijima and I’d taken this photo on my way home after walking my daughter to school.

Just fourteen minutes after posting the photo a reply caught my eye.

I replied: “I’d be so pleased if you did!!”

She thanked me and another idea struck me.

“I can definitely do that,” she replied.

“*This* is the content we need,” chipped in Derek Wessman.

A few weeks went by and I noticed this.

I had to ask if it was what I thought it was.

“Yes it is!!”

She sent me a time-lapse video of her drawing the picture and an audio clip of her describing her thoughts when she first saw the photo.

Then I took all the ingredients into my virtual kitchen and cooked up a video nugget.






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