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Four Skin, Three Knobs [from the 2001 independent film shot on location in Vanuatu]

Big Kamo
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In 2001 I was living in a bamboo hut in a tiny village on the island of Efate in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.
My brother and my childhood friend came to visit me and they brought bicycles and a digital video camera.
That was that. We were going to make a movie. No script. No designated DoP or director. Just pure passion and winging it.
The resulting film was three minutes of laughs, fights and misadventures packed into 18 minutes and 39 seconds.
Our understanding of copyright law at the time was not what a lawyer would describe as sophisticated and there were various reasons why we wouldn’t post the video online. But I made the decision to laboriously take screenshots of the key moments and transcribe the dialogue in order to laboriously transform the movie into a web comic using Photoshop.
Anyway, it’s all be meticulously laid out so all you have to do is scroll down. Don’t even think about complaining about the RSI in your index finger knuckles when you reach the end.
Without further ado, here is 4SKin (AKA Four Skin, Three Knobs)
This is the first image in a series of many that forms a web comic. We have not yet added alternative text to each image.FS0102FS0103FS0104FS0105FS0106FS0107FS0108FS0109FS0201FS0202FS0203FS0204FS0205FS0206FS0207FS0208FS0209FS0210FS0301FS0302FS0303FS0304FS0305FS0306FS0307FS0308FS0309FS0310FS0401FS0402FS0403FS0404FS0405FS0406FS0407FS0501FS0502FS0503FS0504FS0505FS0506FS0507FS0508FS0509FS0510FS0601FS0602FS0603FS0604FS0605FS0606FS0607FS0608FS0609FS0610FS0701FS0702FS0703FS0704FS0705FS0706FS0707FS0708FS0709FS0710FS0801FS0802FS0803FS0804FS0805FS0806FS0807FS0808FS0809FS0810FS0901FS0902FS0903FS0904FS0905FS0906FS0907FS0908FS0909FS0910FS1001FS1002FS1003FS1004FS1005FS1006FS1007FS1008FS1009FS1101FS1102FS1103FS1104FS1105FS1106FS1107FS1108FS1109FS1110FS1201FS1202FS1203FS1204FS1205FS1206FS1207FS1208FS1209FS1210FS1301FS1302FS1303FS1304FS1305FS1306FS1307FS1308FS1309FS1310FS1401FS1402FS1403FS1404

Thanks for scrolling this far. You deserve some kind of a certificate. Blowy is a graphic designer, maybe he can make you one.

No foreskins were harmed in the making of this video.