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About this and about us

Hello there,
Come on in. Don’t be shy.
Take a seat and your favorite drink. Welcome to the Swamp.
Or at least its latest iteration.
See, the Swamp has existed as a concept even before the word “blog” existed. Well, if we want to be technical, even before I had heard of the internet!
But that’s a story for another day…

Right now, what you want to know is where you’ve just set foot in.

Well, it’s a blog, as in “website with new content posted regularly” not as in “I’m going to tell you my life story every couple of days.”

Yes, I know… Blogs are a bit passé these days, especially for the new generation. What can I say? I like vintage things, and neither I nor the other members of the team are exactly “the new generation” anymore.

Because yes, as you will have figured out from the previous sentence, this blog doesn’t have just one author, but rather quite a few. They will all tell you about different things that they care about, in different formats, with different focuses. This is really a blog for them to experiment with content, a place for them to express themselves and showcase things they do, think, or like.

And this is a place for you to have fun, spend a good time, learn a few new things and more.

So why don’t you stick around a little peruse through the various posts and pages and of course, subscribe to us so that you don’t miss our future contributions.



Meet the Swamp team


A grumpy alligator who escaped from Florida and brought his swamp online with him. He’s the manager (in case you need to talk to him – but be warned, he will side with his staff). He’s semi-retired these days, and you may not see him much on these pages. He may still show up once in a while.



Frenchman who, one day, found himself washed ashore on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. He liked it and stayed there. Rumor has it that he was a Bollywood gangster and a classic Dr. Who monster in past lives. He mostly likes to talk about pop culture here… traveling too sometimes… and other things…

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David Douglas Stuart (AKA Big Kamo)

DDS gets paid to create content so why the hell is he doing it here for free? The answer is simple: he loves to tell stories and experiment with the format in which they are told. He promises to deliver an eclectic blend of curiosity-satisfying tales that will cover everything from rollerblading and vagabond travel to Japanese traditional arts and punk rock culture. Three children call him a father, one woman wears a ring with his name engraved inside the band, journalism students send him work to grade, some mastheads pay him on time for his freelance offerings and a passport with a kangaroo and emu on the cover contains his personal details and allows him to pass through a number of international borders generally unmolested. 


Joe Stuart / Blowy

I started off my career as a graphic designer and multimedia designer.  I then transitioned into a web developer. To keep up my creativity I like to keep busy with passion projects so I make videos every week to keep the juices flowing.  

My style isn’t for everyone but I promise you this, I will entertain you!  If you dare to watch some more, check out my YouTube channel and consider subscribing.